Recognition Ceremony Huaca del Sol y de la Luna

The directors of the Temples of the Sun and the Moon Project , Santiago Uceda and Ricardo Morales Castillo , received on Saturday 30 November, at the hands of the Minister of Culture , Diana Alvarez- Calderon , recognition as a Meritorious Persons of Culture for his important professional work.
Also, in the same ceremony , the head of the sector presented a Certificate of Recognition for their valuable contributions in the field of conservation of archaeological heritage in Peru , the rector of the National University of Trujillo , Orlando Velásquez Benites , President of the Board Temples of the Moche Valley , Alfredo Pinillos Ganoza , the president of the Union of Peruvian Breweries Backus & Johnston Fernando Zavala Lomabardi , and the Executive Director of the World Monuments Fund , Juan Pablo de la Puente Brunke .
The Temples of the Sun and Moon are the universe of an archaeological project that researches, preserves , conditions and placed in social use the above sights, respecting the authenticity of the cultural context . His achievements have transcended not only in the academic and scientific world. Therefore, recently was selected as one of the top 10 archaeological research projects to be presented at the Shanghai Archaeology Forum, and was awarded the Queen Sofia Prize by the Spanish Government .
The National University of Trujillo was founded on May 10, 1824 by Simón Bolívar and José Faustino Sánchez Carrión , the first house of studies at a higher level in the country was created in the Republican era . Competitive academic and professional way , and among them, archaeologists working throughout the north.
Temples The Moche Valley Trustees is a civil association that manages foreign private law to promote and implement activities to defend , protect and preserve the archaeological heritage of the Moche Valley , in Trujillo , La Libertad national and private funds and at the same time formulates and implements projects for the development of tourism in the Temples of the Sun and Moon .
The Union of Peruvian Breweries Backus & Johnston is the leading group in the Peruvian beer market that works taking into account not only economic performance , environmental and social aspects.
The Word Monuments Fund - Peru is the leading independent organization dedicated to preserving important sites of architectural and cultural heritage around the world since 1995 and in at least 90 countries.


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