Community Work and Activities

In parallel with scientific work at the archaeological site, the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon Archaeological Project, through the Pyramids of the Moche Valley Board, implements activities to contribute to community development and identity-building.

One example is the work being done with the artisans of the Moche countryside, helping them to strengthen their productive and business capacities and to insert them into new markets apart from the tourists who arrive at the Pyramid of the Moon.
For some years, painting and ceramic contests for schoolchildren have been conducted annually. Competitions of choloques (a local tree whose seeds are used for beading) and of Moche storytelling have also been organized, with great success.

The project is working on improving the quality of food service in the Moche countryside, so that food service may be included in the touristic products of the Moche Pyramids.  Also, there will be training courses for local people to become tourist hosts in the area of ​​the countryside, so they can transmit their living culture.  Similarly, training is being provided to the official tourist guides in the realization of the tourist plan that the Project applies.

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