Archaeological Research and Conservation

Since its inception the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon Archaeological Project has held research, conservation, restoration, and social use of the monument as its fundamental pillars, while respecting the authenticity of the cultural context. Though this ongoing, rigorous work may not be apparent at first glance, it is present in everything that can be appreciated here today, from the architecture with its extraordinary reliefs and murals to the unique artifacts and tiny objects found during excavations.

The achievements of the project have transcended the academic and scientific: their contributions are also significant to the local and national communities, awakening a special interest in the values ​​and conservation of the cultural heritage. Most of the employees of the project are residents of the traditional Moche countryside, and with their hard work they are proud to be agents of the discovery of the majestic monuments and artistic achievements of their ancestors.

Why research?

To expand our knowledge about the archaeological site and the Moche culture, learning about past societies, publishing information, creating management models that are replicable in other archaeological projects, creating social awareness and strengthening local and regional identity.

Why conserve?

To preserve, display and maintain the archaeological site, and its environment, as part of our cultural heritage. The Archaeological Project applies an interdisciplinary policy and research methodology to ensure the correct recovery of scientific information and the immediate conservation of archaeological remains.

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