The Moche Countryside

Craft Workshops

Manos Mocheras (Moche Hands), where the Asmat Gonzalez family specializes in leathermaking. In this workshop, visitors can etch a piece of leather by hand or learn how to make a seal on leather with a tool also made with traditional techniques.

El Rostro Inconcebible (The Inconceivable Face), which welcomes tourists with a fanfare sounded by the pututo, a shell or horn trumpet, and a Moche-style ceramic trumpet.  Here processes for the manufacture of ceramics, particularly the ancient techniques for making the renowned Moche figurines, are explained. Additionally, the Garcia brothers, hosts of this workshop, are part of a small musical group that provides a pleasant experience for listeners with its melodies.

Artesanias Centeno (Centeno Crafts): this shop offers a warm, personal encounter with Mr. Centeno, who explains his knowledge of craftwork and shares his experiences as an artisan carving pieces of wood into dogs, birds, lizards, Moche masks, and other images.

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