The Pyramid of the Moon

The Pyramid of the Moon is a masterpiece of human creative genius.  Its 12,000 square metersof polychrome murals are an outstanding example of the construction technology that the Moche mastered.

The Pyramid has no equal in the world in terms of design and complexity of its murals. Its rich iconography and aesthetic is of outstanding universal value, and reflects a pattern that was reproduced over seven centuries.

It is also an outstanding example of the Moche cultural tradition because it demonstrates political power through religious ideas.  The temple, the most sacred space in the communion between man and his gods, was associated with the sacred mountain, ladder to the world of the deities and divinity itself.

The Pyramid of the Moon is actually an architectural complex composed of two holy shrines in the shape of truncated pyramids, called the Old Temple and New Temple.  Constructed entirely of earth, only privileged people entered them, either to worship their gods or to offer them their lives.

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